New spin-off from the Berlin model

I am working on a project that I had on the back burner since long ago. It is a guitar based on my Berlin model, but simplified in several details: a single soundhole,  conventional top/back (instead of “double”, with Nomex honeycomb cores) and bracing.

This is the top just glued to the sides. There is an area where I still use the Nomex honeycomb, and it is right below that black patch at the side. It stiffens the thin side at the opening:

The back is carved also:

The soundhole:

The lateral purfling separates form the other components of the binding at that area.

The top has less arching than the top of the Berlin. As the bridge will be lower also, the neck angle will be flatter.

The back has the same shape and arching:

Just like the Berlin, the fretboard is glued directly on the top, without the “extension” that most archtops have:

Just like the Sarzana that I finished recently, this one will have a “Double Wedge Bridge”, a tailpiece with integrated volume and tone controls, a magnetc pickup of the Type 191 and a AKGC411PP microphone. This will be the XLR output connector for the latter:

More photos soon!