March 28, 2018


Hiscox cases are my personal preference, and I know many players that agree. However, there are models for which I cannot use them. The most common problem is when a client wants a 15-inch guitar with a neck with 16 frets out of the body. This model solves the problem with its smaller body dimensions, that permit to use the Hiscox PRO-II-GSS case.

The size of this guitar, 14.5″, is just a little less than a Jamaica (15″). It is less deep also (50 mm at sides) and, even if I could have installed a conventional archtop bridge with saddle and foot, my client wanted a Tune-o-matic saddle anchored to the top. The central areas at the top and back are left uncarved inside, and there is a small block that joins them at the bridge area. All this contributes to increase the sustain and avoid feedback, so this guitar is really comfortable for electric musicians.

As all the guitars here, this one is just an example. If you want something similar but it is not exactly what you see, please take into account that you can change a lot of things, many without additional cost. Email me and we’ll talk!