December 21, 2017

Yul Ballesteros Custom

The Yul Ballesteros is a mid-size archtop guitar (16-inch), based on my Odeón model. One of Yul’s requirements was that it should not have a large soundbox, so that he could take it in the plane cabin during his frequent trips. We decided to reduce the thickness of the sides to 64 mm, which is around the minimum to still keep the dovetail joint at the neck. And we specified two versions: a basic one (Standard) and another, more exclusive, to which this model belongs. Still, it is possible to make modifications; this can be appreciated in this guitar, that has a scale length of 25 inches instead of the 25.5 of the YB specs. It also has a different pickup, its own binding scheme and a custom neck profile.

A fundamental objective during the design was to keep the costs as low as possible without compromising the quality. Yul and I don’t want instruments out of the reach of musicians. We think that it would be great that his fellow guitar players as well as his pupils could have instruments of the highest quality at  affordable prices. The YB line of guitars is is our compromise with what we love. All the instruments with the YB on the peghead have a special price.

As all the guitars here, this one is just an example. If you want something similar but it is not exactly what you see, please take into account that you can change a lot of things, many without additional cost. Email me and we’ll talk!