March 15, 2020

Siracusa 16

All guitar makers must ask themselves what is their role in the guitar making business. In my case, my clients want custom instruments, so that is the easiest answer: I try to materialize the guitars that my clients dream. However, I always felt the need to develop a guitar concept that was so full of common sense that players would accept it as it is. I won’t mention any example of guitars like that, we all know them. In contrast with this, the guitar market is full of guitars that show only cosmetic/crazy variations on these paragons… and are sometimes sold as new concepts. I never really worked consciously trying to make an archetypal guitar, but that was the background music in my brain, so to speak. I have been recollecting ideas from everywhere, many times from my clients, other times from fellow makers, others from myself. Then, in what I compare to some kind of critical mass process, they started to settle down a few years ago with the Berlin-II and Siracusa designs. The Siracusa 16, another member in the same family, is a very light archtop, a little larger than those two. Nothing in it is random or gimmicky.

As all the guitars here, this one is just an example. If you want something similar but it is not exactly what you see, please take into account that you can change a lot of things, many without additional cost. Email me and we’ll talk!