New Peghead design for my Berlin-II guitars

My latest guitars of this model have a new peghead design, shorter and lighter.

I have also modified the truss rod adjustment nut cover so that it fits inside a cavity in the peghead:


It is made of ebony, with a fiberglass backing that makes it much tougher than a solid ebony piece.

I also redesigned the carbon fiber pieces that reinforce the nut area. Now they are deeper (9 mm) and longer (90 mm).

I left to the end the most important modification. I am using the amazing Gotoh Stealth STS31 machines:

Their mass is 11 grams per machine instead of the 32 grams of the machines that I use most times. The back of the peghead will have covers to hide the gear boxes. Soon I’ll post photos of the guitars with these modified pegheads!

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