December 24, 2017

Odeón “F”

This is an archtop guitar that is midway between electric and acoustic, thus it has a very light construction and a full-size pickup.

The shape is derived from other of my smaller guitars (this one is a 16-inch). It doesn’t have a cutaway, and I think that’s part of its appeal, because I decided to complement the modern top with some other old characteristics, for example the split mother-of-pearl blocks and the plastic bindings. The concurrence of all these things, old and new, in a guitar makes this one of the most beautiful instruments that I have ever made.

The full-size pickup is easier to change than floating units. I know many guitarists that are always experimenting with these things, but this time they are not going to find reasons to change it. It is a humbucker with a single row of polepieces, a design particularly good for jazz guitars, clear and transparent but warm and, as a friend guitar maker said to me, “with some interesting swirl; the overtone content shifts as the notes decay “.

As all the guitars here, this one is just an example. If you want something similar but it is not exactly what you see, please take into account that you can change a lot of things, many without additional cost. Email me and we’ll talk!